Welcome to bbphysio.com and bikefitvictoria.com, the websites for private physiotherapy and bike fit analysis in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our physiotherapy practice provides care to patients from all walks of life and aims to provide effective long-term relief to a large variety of musculoskeletal ailments. Our bike fit analysis utilizes the highest technology combined with decades of bike racing experience and the latest research.

Physiotherapists are body specialists. We work closely with your family physician to provide a physical diagnosis and the best care for your injury. A physiotherapy assessment looks at specific joint position and movement, muscle strength and coordination, as well as a neurological scan to check for pinched nerves or ruptured discs.

Our philosophy is that full physical rehabilitation includes giving the individual an opportunity to understand the nature of their injury as well as the tools for long term self-management.

This same philosophy is applied to bike fitting: working together with the bike rider to understand their needs, doing a physical assessment and problem solving while assisting the client to understand the process and have confidence on their bike.


The hours of business are 9am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. Physiotherapy appointments generally last between 30 and 60 minutes, bike fit analysis appointments generally last 2 to 4 hours with the fee structure as below.

IMG_6393General Physiotherapy FeesIMG_20160127_210630

New Patient Assessment $90
Physiotherapy Treatment Session $75
Physiotherapy 1 Hour Treatment $135

Physiotherapy/ Bike Fitting Fees

Cycling Analysis Level 1 $195
Cycling Analysis Level 2 $295
Bike Fit Fine Tuning $100/hr

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