Common Problems Treated at
On the bike, during your run, while you are paddling, climbing, sailing, hiking or backpacking somewhere beautiful, you don’t want to spoil your activity with any of these common issues:
Knee or hip pain
Neck or arm pain and tingling
Sciatica and core weakness
Low back and SI joint pain

      • With physiotherapy we can treat these problems with long-term solutions.


Neck or back pain can occur for a number of reasons, including: poor body mechanics when lifting, prolonged sitting at a computer desk, arthritis, and trauma due to a car or bike accident. A physiotherapist can assess your posture, strength, and joint movements to rule out serious medical pathology, and to tailor the treatment approach suited to you.
On a bicycle these complaints are often due to poor positioning with too much weight on the hands or a bike seat that is uncomfortable. The tendency is to try and unload the body weight by holding more weight through the arms. A professional bike fit will solve these issues.

Knee pain is the most common and disastrous complaint for cyclist. and can be caused by bad positioning, poor seat height, too low cadence, or muscle intolerances. We have a bike fit service that concentrates on your comfort and efficiency.

Hip or foot pain is common in runners with a thoracic ring dysfunction, pelvic muscle imbalanace, a stiff or unstable ankle joint, and the inability to stabilize the lumbo-pelvic region with repetitive loading stresses. Physiotherapy can diagnose and treat these issues correcting alignment and stability using manual therapy and appropriate strengthening techniques.