IMG_6392When do I apply heat or ice?

Always use ice on the injured area in the acute phase (right away). Ice should be applied for 10 minutes at a time, maximum once per hour. An easy way to apply ice is to put ice cubes in a damp towel or crushed ice/frozen peas in a plastic bag.

Why ice?

Ice immediately reduces the swelling in an injured area. Too much swelling will cause damage and stretching of ligaments around the joint.

When is it safe to put on heat?

When the injured area is no longer hot, red, or swollen. This usually takes 48-72 hours. At this point, alternating hot and cold is a good idea.

Why heat?

Heat increases local blood flow; this will feel marvellous on a stiff arthritic joint, especially in the morning.

My bike seat is uncomfortable but I think that I should be able to get used to it?

No! the saddle should be comfortable from the beginning or it is the wrong seat. You need to see a professional for guidance to understand the type of saddle you require img_20150220_165503for your riding style and the size that allows your pelvis to be supported appropriately.img_23717-630x4201green-smp-plus