Bike Fitting in Victoria

Who needs a Bike Fit?
Everybody that rides a bike for any length of time and wants to be comfortable and efficient.

Here at we use the latest technology and research to allow a truly scientific approach to going faster and stronger on your bike. Wherever it is you’re going, whatever your racing, commuting, Fondo, charity, or pure family outing plans are, we can help make your experience memorable and fun.

Techniques and Technology explained

In every other sport we learn how to hold, swing, throw, pace, block, pitch, stroke. In cycling we just get on the bike and go! At bbphysio our philosophy is to help each cyclist develop an understanding of the basics of bike riding: body position, pedaling techniques, what is good pain and bad pain.

How do we do this?

Physical Assessment: every body has different flexibility, strengths, injury history, height, weight and size. These attributes are documented and used as a starting point for every fit

General bike body position:
We will look at your position on your bike and make general observations, then discuss changes and interventions as they relate to your on-bike discomfort and cycling goals.

Video Capture Dartfish
This tool is used to assess body and joint angles, allowing you to see how you look on the bike, identify areas of concern, spinal posture, leg extension, reach and upper body positioning

Purely Custom Fit Bike
All Level 1 and 2 fits will probably be done on our Purely Custom Fit Bike. We will set this up starting in your original position and following a fit protocol we will find your ideal position. You will be given the specifications of this position which can then be used to adjust your bike, apply to a database of bike manufacturers to find a bike that is perfect for you, or use when looking at used bikes to ensure they fit.

We use lasers to visualize knee tracking in real time, bike set-up and measurements as well as for physical assessment\body alignment.

Cleat Adjustments and Wedging
This is a comprehensive 5 step process which includes, fore-aft cleat adjustment, knee tracking, medial lateral cleat adjustment, wedging, heel rotation and shimming for leg length discrepancies.

Saddle Pressure Mapping by GebioMized:
This amazing tool gives us a visual image of your interaction with the bike seat and the pedals. We take objective measurements of seat pressures, pelvic alignment which show us if the seat is poorly positioned, too high or too low, or if it is entirely the wrong shape and size.

Foot Pressure Mapping by GebioMized:

The pedal mapping is used initially when the cyclist is complaining of “hot foot” or foot pain, but it also allows us to do pedal stroke analysis and specific cleat adjustments. There is no guess work anymore when it comes to wedging or shoe choice. We can see exactly what is happening in your shoe.

This technology also allows us to see where you are losing Watts. If you have a discrepancy between your left and your right leg power output, you may be surprised to find that the leg with the lower output may not be the problem. Sometimes a tight or stiff joint is giving resistance to the other leg. We can see this on our force zoom curves and allow the correct intervention instead of overworking the side that is already overworked!

Bike Fit Analysis Options:

Cycling Analysis Level 1

For cyclists under the age of 19 and cyclists with bikes with that have platform pedals (no clip-in shoes)

      • Physical assessment
      • Basic Body Biomechanics
      • Instruction in pedaling technique
      • Saddle Height and Fore/Aft Adjustment
      • Saddle consultation including saddle pressure mapping
      •  Expect this fitting to take 1.5 to 2 hours, cost is $195

Cycling Analysis Level 2

Same features as the Basic Bike Fitting plus:

      • Dynamic bike fitting using a Purely Custom Fit Bike with state of the art Powerbahn resistive system.
      • Video capture, joint angles, posture, laser knee tracking
      • Foot/shoe/cleat/pedal interface set-up
      • Expect this fitting to take 2 to 3 hours, cost is $295

Performance Options: $100/hr

Please phone to book for the Fine Tuning.
Already had a fit with us? Are you looking for more performance? If you are improving your flexibility, recovering from an injury, have new shoes or other equipment, or if you’re just getting fitter and faster, you can select from the following and work with the fitter to achieve your new goals:

A-la-carte includes:

      • Foot mapping for measuring negative watts, left/right bias, exact foot/pedal interface pressures
      • Physical therapy assessment
      • Dynamic bike fitting to size for a new bike
      • Video capture
      • Saddle pressure mapping
      • Foot/pedal interface analysis
      • Setting up a second bike or a second set of shoes